What are paintings by numbers?

The drawing set will be a wonderful gift for your child or the child of friends, it will capture the process of drawing and experienced artists.

On the website Paintingbynumber.uk a wide range of paintings by numbers is presented, among the offers are various styles of painting, from realism to expressionism, as well as a large selection of subjects:

  • Paintings by numbers flowers;
  • Animal Paint by Numbers;
  • Religious Paint By Numbers;
  • Paint by numbers for adults and for children;
  • Paint by numbers for beginners and advanced;
  • Portraits and images of people;
  • Paintings with marine motifs;

Composition of paintings by numbers

The manufacturer has selected the appropriate acrylic paints for each painting. They allow you to achieve the most accurate color reproduction. Acrylic dries quickly, unlike oil paints or gouache, this allows you to accurately perform the work, without mixing colors.

Also attached is a professional primed canvas with a pre-applied pattern. It is already stretched on a stretcher, facilitates the creative process. Matched brushes of the right size. Also attached are loops for attaching the painting. Before applying the paint, the canvas must be wetted. The drawing should be painted in full accordance with the instructions.

How to choose a picture by numbers?

When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the level of complexity, it is better to start with simple techniques. Simple paintings can be found in children’s themes, in the section with animals (cats, dogs) and birds. Coloring by numbers is carried out in such a way that, along with an increase in the degree of complexity of the artistic techniques used, the level of skill of the performer also increases.

In the future, after passing all levels of complexity, a novice artist will be able to repeat the techniques he has learned and create his masterpieces without the help of hints. For the design of the work, you can choose a glossy varnish, but some proposals with pastel colors or made in watercolor technique will look better when using matte varnish. The finished picture, framed and placed in a frame, will serve as a wonderful gift.