Tips to Create a Trendy CV

There are fashionable trends when it comes to finding a job. And to catch the eye of recruiters, it is better to adapt yourself to those trends rather than clinging to an old CV. Here are some tips for creating a modern curriculum vitae that will help your get a job.pS1EZcU

Combine Aesthetics and Clarity in your CV

Above all, an effective CV is a nice looking and easy to read one. It should not only prove your skills, but also show that you worked hard to prepare your job application. But beware, aesthetics must serve legibility so, prefer sobriety to frills. There is no need to put flowers or other patterns everywhere. Nowadays, everyone can access a CV template with a few clicks on the Internet. Simplified versions of layout software have become more popular. For instance, you can click here to create a CV. The only excuse to still send a lousy and poorly elaborated resume is then laziness.

Use Minimalist Graphics in your CV

Other rules must be observed to make your CV readable and up to date. What works best are minimalist resumes, with a few eye-catching icons and fairly simple colors. Speaking of colors, choose a single tone in addition to black. Sober colors like gray and dark blue are perfect because they are not aggressive to the eye. For icons, there are free typographies only composed of symbols that you can download from the Internet. However, be careful not to flood the page with drawings, just put some strategic ones where you want to draw the reader’s eye. Opt for a minimalist CV with some eye-catching icons and pretty simple colors.

Insert Hypertext Links in your CV

The modernity of a curriculum vitae is expressed not only through its form but also through its content. If the basic information (surname, first name and contact details) is always to be placed at the top, the email has become essential while the postal address is optional. You can reassure the recruiter by specifying that you live in the right region without having to give your exact address, which could give rise to discrimination.

On the other hand, it is good to add links to your LinkedIn profile, Twitter page or blog, if it makes sense in relation to the position you are looking for. As soon as you have visibility online, do not hesitate to include it on your CV. It is always interesting for recruiters to click and be directed to the candidate’s page.