A Treat Come True – Sailing Croatia In Catamaran

Croatia, which is officially known as the Republic of Croatia shares its border with Slovenia to the northwest and Hungary to the northeast. Serbia is located in the east of Croatia, whereas Bosnia shares the southeast border of Croatia. Croatia is the country in the southeastern part of Europe. One of Europe’s top tourist destinations, Croatia, is worth watching and especially while sailing Croatia.


Why should some go for Sailing Croatia? When is the best time to visit Croatia?’

  • Crystal Clear Sea – You might have seen crystal clean sea with blue or green colour in movies. Be the one to see it in front of your eyes with sailing Croatia.
  • Islands – There are nearly a thousand islands that come in between the sailing expedition at Croatia. You get to see them while comfortably sitting in Catamaran.
  • Sunniest Coastline in Europe – Croatia holds a record of having the most worthy of watching sunrise and sunset.
  • Historic Cities – There are many historic cities in Croatia that you might get a chance to visit while sailing in Croatia. These cities are so beautifully carved that even UNESCO preserves them for attracting tourists.
  • Picturesque Villages – The villages that you will visit during your sailing Croatia expedition, are wonderfully protected and preserved by the local population of the villages.
  • Exciting Nightlife – The tourists are always attracted to the kind of night culture Croatia have since years now. The local cuisine along with local drinks can make your night time flow like the wind.
  • Windy atmosphere – The wind that blows during the daytime and nighttime supports sailors to drive the yachts and also keep tourists fresh and enthusiastic.

Now, so that you know the advantages of sailing Croatia, it’s time for us to know the best time to visit Croatia and go for the sailing expedition.

Best time to go sailing Croatia

Normally, tourists are more between the months of April to October. But specifically, July & August are more crowded as compared to June and September, when the crowd is less. The temperature goes around 38-degrees and people call it a pleasant climate to visit Croatia. April, May and October do have somewhat temperature nearing the one in summers, but it is almost the pleasant months of the year for someone who is planning to go for Croatia.